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Lazy Saturday Reads: Is The New York Times Morphing Into A Scandal Sheet?.

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NASA’s Three-Billion-Mile Journey to Pluto Reaches Historic Encounter.




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This is difficult news.

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Cost Benefit Analysis

One of the dark clouds on the week that was in the U.S. Supreme Court was the decision in Michigan v. the Environmental Protection Agency, one portion of which reads:

“Our reasoning so far establishes that it was unreasonable for EPA to read §7412(n)(1)(A) to mean that cost is irrelevant to the initial decision to regulate power plants. The Agency must consider cost—including, most importantly, cost of compliance—before deciding whether regulation is appropriate and necessary,…”

Important Distinctions

First, let’s differentiate between a CBA (a cost benefit analysis) and a Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA). There are two important functions of a CBA: (1) To determine if an investment or a decision is justifiable or feasible. (2) To provide a way to compare and contrast alternative projects or proposals. Additionally, “In CBA, benefits and costs are expressed in monetary terms, and are adjusted for the time value of money

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Gotta pull the Band-Aid off and let the air get to the entire wound.

When a whole bunch of people stand up for what’s right, things can start to change. Amazing. “Thousands Gather for Peace Event.

The biggest indication yet that the Confederate flag might be on its way to a museum is that Walmart has decided to stop selling items with that divisive logo.

Or, maybe they figured out that since California banned the flag in 2014 there wasn’t enough of a market.

PBS had this to say about the Confederate flag yesterday.

And other news, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has been sold to these corporate developers(raiders).

Might not hurt to access that recipe you wanted, now.

Looks like Martha will do all right, though.

Reblogged From Dandelion Salad. A reminder; the TPA/TPP House discussions are going to start on Monday all over again. Call your Representative!

The Alice in Wonderland World of Fast-tracked Secret Trade Agreements by Ellen Brown.

Is there a story, a theme in this?


This year the dads are spending the day stretching toward the sun.

Seems appropriate.

Richard Cohen: SPLC statement on the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina

Alternet’s Comments: Dylann Roof Is America

Why? Evil simply exists and takes advantage of the the openings our society provides. We are out of excuses for the society that created and turned loose a 21 year old, whose brain isn’t fully developed until around 25, to be the instrument of evil.

Clearly Stormy has the articulation of a nit. The cry that “they raped our women” doesn’t fly when you have just murdered nine people, six of whom were women, and one woman who was 87 years old. He does appear to have a problem with authority figures.

The gunman left six women and three men dead or dying, including a library manager, a former county administrator, a speech therapist who also worked for the church, and two ministers.

South Carolina’s town of Columbia let a misfit drift away from 9th grade school and disappear into the confederate flag waving void of a state that doesn’t even track hate crimes. He spent years unchecked growing into what he has become. His hate training was as good as any.


There is something odd about that scowling Facebook pict.. Angry yes; he looks desperately unhappy. He wears that jacket with it’s racist badges like a assignment.  Those badges.. Nelson Mandela was elected President the year Roof was born. Was it a selfie? Or, who took it? He reportedly hates the outdoors; whats he doing in a bog?


These people brought great light to this world, Maybe they will light Roof’s way into his next:

Cynthia Hurd, 54

Susie Jackson, 87

Ethel Lance, 70

DePayne Middleton-Doctor, 49

Tywanza Sanders, 26

Daniel Simmons Sr., 74

Sharonda Singleton, 45

Myra Thompson, 59

Clementa Pinckney, 41.


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