with Michael Parenti Writer, Dandelion Salad http://www.michaelparenti.org originally published October 28, 2012 May 19, 2016 freespeechtv on May 16, 2013 “A man who steals a goose from the commons …

Source: Michael Parenti: The 1% Pathology and the Myth of Capitalism

by Dariel Garner Guest Writer, Dandelion Salad April 24, 2016 One day, my business partner leaned over to me and said, “Remember, we are so rich because they are so poor.” That is how he patiently …

Source: We Are So Poor Because They Are So Rich by Dariel Garner

For your use: Full transcript: CNN Democratic debate

Dandelion Salad by Ralph Nader The Nader Page March 18, 2016 The Reuters report put this colossal dereliction simply: “A law in effect since 1992 requires annual audits of all federal agencies—and …

Source: Uncontrollable—Pentagon and Corporate Contractors Too Big to Audit by Ralph Nader

I’ve tried for several days now to find any evidence of transcripts for the two Democratic Town Hall meetings that were conducted  on March 15th. I don’t think MSNBC intends to produce any. In 2008 they hijacked the Obama-Clinton debate held in Ohio, and only subscribers ever saw it. They did, then, however, produce transcripts.

This time around apparently only subscribers will have full access to our election process. So find below the link to the clips, they have provided, for  your use. I want to say the the clip on the Clinton-Mathews jousting over Her Iraq vote is excellent. Clips of Bernie Sanders are also included in this improperly named link. MSNBC clearly has a specific spin here and while useful, doesn’t give us the chance to see the full town halls and make up our own minds:

Clinton defends her Iraq War vote

For your use, from CNN:

Full Rush Transcript Senator Bernie Sanders //CNN TV One Democratic Presidential Town Hall

Full Rush Transcript Hillary Clinton Part//CNN TV One Democratic Presidential Town Hall

For your use from CNN:

Transcript of Republican debate in Miami, full text


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