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H.J. Res 41 became PL 115-4 on February 14, 2017. So what? Technically speaking, it provided for Congressional disapproval of a rule under Chapter 8 of Title 5 US code – which required extraction c…

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Good Morning!! How can it only have been three weeks since the uncouth baby-man took over the U.S. government? I honestly don’t know how much more I can take. Reading the news has become a te…

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I happen to like a free market economy.  I like the notion that any business enterprise should be able to do two things simultaneously.  It should make its own decisions, and those decisions should…

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Good Afternoon! It’s just one devastating hit to the constitution, civil rights, global stability, science, women, our allies, our citizens of color, our GLBT citizens, journalists, National …

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Politico has provided below the text of the speech that was given to the CIA week. I urge you strongly to read it. It isn’t the word salad, I don’t think, of a dementia sufferer, but it is definitely unusual. Pence, on the other hand…a caregiver/enabler. The three points that I could tease out of this, aside from his media hatred, were: he wants a fully operational CIA secret service with few if any restrictions, he thinks we should be able to take over another country’s oil/assets,  because we wouldn’t have ISIS if we had done that in Iraq, and he is really focused on eradicating ISIS. Read it and make up your own mind. To me, this speech was really ominous.


There “to honor our democracy and it’s enduring values.”


I’m here today to honor our democracy & its enduring values. I will never stop believing in our country & its future.

The pictures speak for themselves.

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At the luncheon, Donald Trump thanked the Clintons for attending and called for a standing ovation.

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Read it well, these themes of his have endured, so we must expect to see their iteration. Always believe a person who tells who they are, especially when his actions speak so loudly. Here it is, from WAPO:


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